Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi Calling Tutorial

Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi Calling Tutorial - Use Wi-Fi Calling Galaxy S8 to talk and text over an active Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi Calling lets you talk and text from indoor locations where it’s hard even for a strong cellular signal to reach.

Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi Calling Tutorial

Wi-Fi Calling can be used in the Domestic Coverage Area (U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands) and from most international countries.

BENEFITS A new way to keep the conversation going • Wi-Fi Calling is easy to set up and use. • Once enabled, Wi-Fi Calling works automatically. o Domestic Coverage Area (U.S., Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands): Connects when wireless network coverage is weak or unavailable. o Outside of the Domestic Coverage Area: Connects anytime you connect to a Wi-Fi network.* • It works with your AT&T mobile number and compatible device—no new number or app required. *Use of Wi-Fi Calling may be restricted in some countries

HOW IT WORKS Calling and texting with Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi Calling is available on select devices. Once you set up Wi-Fi Calling on your phone, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits. Just follow the steps in your phone’s settings to get started. Wi-Fi Calling billing is based on the number being called or messaged and is the same no matter where the Wi-Fi network connection is made.

WiFi Calling • You can make calls to domestic numbers and receive calls with no additional charge and no impact on voice call airtime usage. • For international calls, the rates from your calling plan or international long distance package apply. • Your calls to premium numbers such as 411 will be billed at standard premium rates.

Texting • Text messages you send or receive with Wi-Fi Calling count the same as regular text messages. You will be charged according to your current rate plan.

Samsung Galaxy S8 support Wi-Fi Calling

AT&T offers convenient Wi-Fi calling and texting on select compatible devices. Select Shop now to see if your phone supports Wi-Fi Calling or to find a phone with Wi-Fi Calling capabilities.

*AT&T Wi-Fi Calling: Requires AT&T Wi-Fi Calling-capable smartphone and Wi-Fi network. Once enabled, phone automatically makes/receives calls/text messages over Wi-Fi in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands (“Domestic Coverage Area) if wireless network coverage is weak or unavailable, or outside of the Domestic Coverage Area anytime you connect to a Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi Calling is available on select devices. Charges: (Voice) Wi-Fi Calls to domestic numbers will not incur additional charges (excluding calls to 411 and other premium numbers) and will not impact voice call airtime usage. International Long Distance: Wi-Fi calls to international numbers will incur international long distance charges. Please visit for a list of AT&T international long distance calling pay-per-use rates and available packages. (SMS/MMS) Text messages sent/received through Wi-Fi Calling count against the messaging usage limits of your plan. Service Limits: Use of Wi-Fi Calling may be restricted in some countries. See excluded countries in the FAQs. If you move in or out of Wi-Fi coverage while on a Wi-Fi call your call will disconnect unless you have AT&T HD Voice coverage (911 calls will disconnect even if you are within HD Voice coverage). HD Voice not available everywhere. To enable Wi-Fi Calling, must have postpaid wireless account provisioned for HD Voice. Visit for more details. Cannot use Wi-Fi Calling to call 211, 311, 511, and 811. Wi-Fi Calling FAQ for more information. TTY Limitations for 911 Calls & Real-Time Text (RTT) Progress: Due to technical limitations, Wi-Fi Calling cannot be used with TTY devices and will not support 911 calls over TTY devices. Persons with communications disabilities can still reach 911 services by either (1) calling 911 directly using a TTY over the cellular network or from a landline telephone, or (2) sending a text message to 911 directly (in areas where text-to-911 is available) from a wireless device, or (3) using relay services to place a TTY or captioned telephone service (CTS) call from a wireless phone over the cellular network or from a landline telephone, or (4) using relay services to place a IP Relay or IP CTS call over a cellular data or other IP network. View RTT progress


Here the Galaxy S8 Manual Wifi Calling tutorial: Swipe down from the Notification bar, then select the Settings icon.

Wi-Fi Calling Galaxy S8+ is turned off by default. To use Wi-Fi Calling you'll need a Wi-Fi Internet connection and a postpaid AT&T wireless account provisioned with HD Voice. Select Connections. Select Wi-Fi Calling. Enter the desired address, then select Verify address.

Note: You will be prompted to confirm the address. If the address is correct, select Use this address. If it is not correct, select Enter a different address and try again. Select OK. TURN Galaxy S8 WI-FI CALLING ON/OFF: Select the On/Off switch. QUICKLY TURN WI-FI CALLING ON/OFF: Swipe down from the Notification bar, then select the Wi-Fi Calling icon.

When connected to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Calling is on, and a cellular connection is unavailable or poor, you'll see the Wi-Fi Calling icon in the Notification bar to indicate that calls will be carried over Wi-Fi.

When Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi Calling is enabled, the call and video call icons will change to Wi-Fi calling icons. Making a call is the same whether on Galaxy S8 cellular or Galaxy S8 Wi-Fi. From the home screen, select the Phone icon > Dial pad > enter the desired number > Call icon.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Problem Bluetooth issues and Connectivity issues

Samsung Galaxy S8 Problem Bluetooth issues and Connectivity issues - Here how to fix Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues commonly pop up when you pick up a new smartphone, and the Galaxy S8 is no exception. Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues seem to be particularly prevalent with this device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Problem Bluetooth issues and Connectivity issues

Samsung Galaxy S8 instead of buying Galaxy S8+, has the new hardware to support Bluetooth 5, but there are things missing, which means you can't access the Bluetooth 5. Keep in mind that there is a specific issue with Wi-Fi that has affected the Korean editions of the device, that Samsung is rolling out an update for.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth issues

Samsung Galaxy S8 Bluetooth issues is a very common issue and here in this article we will discuss all the possible fixes to get rid of this issue. Check the Galaxy S8 manufacturer’s manual for the device and the car and reset your connections.

Ensure that you are not missing a vital part of the connection process.

Go to Settings – Bluetooth and ensure nothing needs changing

Go into Settings – Bluetooth delete all prior pairings and try setting them up again from scratch.

Galaxy S8 WiFi calling issue

AT&T Galaxy S8 WiFi calling issue, users are complaining about unlocking problems, issues with texting, call clarity problems, and issues with the device's

When WiFi calling feature enabled the device does not ring for incoming calls

Wi-Fi calling is a fantastic feature which allows you to get a good signal however; having the phone not ring while it is enabled can be an inconvenience. It will be my pleasure to help!

What it sounds like is something in the software which is causing the issue. Please press and hold both the Power and the Volume down keys at the same time until the phone resets. This will clear up any minor glitches in the software.

Another step you can do is to go to Settings > General Settings > Reset and see if the option to Reset Network Settings is available. If it is, please tap on it, set up Wi-Fi on the phone again and test to see if the issue is resolved.

Our Galaxy S8 Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool is a wonderful addition to your troubleshooting It even provides steps on what to do next when the problem has been fully diagnosed. Once you are there, please select your phone’s make and model, then go to Service/Network Issues > Phone calls for Wi-Fi calling troubleshooting steps.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 User Guide/Manual PDF Download - Samsung Galaxy S8 bring 4200 mAh Battery Capacity, 6GB of RAM, Android 7.1 Nougat, AMOLED Display, 9MP camera on front and 30MP at the rear, Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa-Core 3.2 GHZ, 64GB and 128GB expandable internal storage, 4G LTE and Bluetooth 5.0 . It is the new Galaxy S series Officially from Samsung Electronics. The Galaxy S8 5.1in and S8 Plus 5.5in dual-edge screens.

Samsung Galaxy S8 User Guide/Manual PDF Download

Samsung Galaxy S8 User Guide PDF (Manual) will be available in many languages. Follow the link to download Galaxy S8 User Guide PDF. Read and be the master on your smartphone with new VR features and learn actualy with tutorial.

Start learning the Samsung Galaxy S8 user guide and find out complete tutorial on how to set Galaxy S 8 and S8 Plus.